AM4PC  -  The Art Museum for Private Collections of  the Americas



AM4PC is a National Art Fund, Non for Profit, that will operate several Museums and Art Spaces which will preserve and exhibit multiple Private Collections in the Americas.


Our objective is to create and operate Art spaces in the United States of America that would be received as donations from Private Collectors, to restore, conserve, research,  classify, communicate and exhibit for purposes of study, education and enjoyment for the general public, and preserve their legacy for future generations.


There are thousands of Private Art Collections that are abandoned when the Collector is no longer in charge. Our mission is to identify some of these collectors and work with them and their Advisors on a plan to ensure their collections will remain as their legacy for future generations, and will be used as an educational tool through a self-sustainable organization, in the long term.

  • A Professional Team is in place to advise the Collector, globally

  • Collection will be donated as a Trust to ensure collector’s Legacy

  • Restoration, classification, conservation, exhibit, touring and loans to other Museums have been considered

  • Museum should be Self-Sustainable

  • Financial engineering has been created to ensure Tax benefits and creation of an endowment

  • Proper handling of Art Collections is assured




  • Rafael Diaz-Balart – Chairman / President of Vestec International Corp.

  • Eugenio Maslowski – CEO / President of SSG Consulting Servicces

  • Raul Valdes-Fauli – Counselor / Partner at Fox Rothschild LLP

  • Santiago Pujals – Treasurer / Principal @ MBAF LLC - CPA

  • Michael Duffy – Advisor / Global VP Arts & Trusts Goldman Sachs

  • Tanya Capriles Brillembourg – Advisor / Private Art Collector

  • David Lombardi – Advisor / President Museo Vault

  • Carol Damian – Advisor / Director & Chief Curator Frost Art Museum

  • Dora Valdes-Fauli – Advisor / DVF Art Services – Fine Art Appraisal Services

  • Beatrice Rangel – Advisor / AMIA Consulting Group

  • Milagros Bello – Advisor / Gallery Owner & Curator

  • Alejandro Zaia – Advisor / Chairman PINTA London

  • Marco Mercanti – Advisor / CEO Oblyon – Art Business Intelligence

  • Jorge Luis Gutierrez – Advisor / Architect / Visual Arts Manager / Curato

  • Olga Perez Diez  – Advisor / Marketing Manager

  • Joao Nunes – Advisor / Oxion Byte - I.T. Consultants / I.T. Manager

  • Lieska Husband Sosa – Coordinadora Proyecto  "El Arte Vista con Ojos de Flâneur"

“We are a 501(c)(3) qualified organization”